Concealment Series Holster

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Custom Kydex Holster Lead Time 5-6 weeks

Concealment Series Holster

  • Very low profile 
  • Full sweat guard *
  • 20 degree forward cant
  • Multiple Mounting options available
  • Includes standard, OWB belt loops
  • Convertible to IWB with the proper accessories
The Concealment Series is our most popular holster. This series features a full sweat guard which helps keep the gun off your skin and aides in protecting your gun from corrosion. A 20 degree forward cant increases concealability. The rivet pattern allows you to adjust the ride height of the holster (may not be an option on subcompact firearms). All Concealment Series holsters ship with our standard nylon polymer OWB loops, but can be converted to IWB with the addition of any of our IWB mounting accessories. 
*If your chosen firearm has a frame/thumb safety, a half rear sweat guard may be applied
Available in standard and light bearing configurations

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  • 5
    Flower print owb

    Posted by Luke s on Jul 3rd 2019

    I have two holsters from Fury. I have a glock 19 owb with the flamingo print and a glock 22 w/trl 1 flower print owb. I love both of the holsters they hold the gun in place without worrying if it will accidentally fall out. I like that you can buy different hardware for the holsters to make them iwb. I haven’t ran into any major problems while using Fury holsters.

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    Concealment series w/light & rmr a winner

    Posted by Mike on May 22nd 2019

    I purchased a Concealment Series holster for my Gen 5 Glock 19 MOS w/Trijicon RMR, APL-c light, and suppressor height sights (Trijicon). I wanted something that was OWB and that could handle the weight of the loaded pistol while keeping it tight against my body, but not in an uncomfortable way. This holster does a great job of that. It's doesn't poke, sag or bounce around at all. (I use a 1.5" duty belt, which is important b/c you need the right belt to carry this type of holster.) I was worried that my loaded Glock would not be something I could carry. With this holster, I can do it easily.

    I have been shooting USPSA for about five years and carrying concealed for about ten. So, I can speak from experience that the right holster can make carrying a real pain or a really easy thing. Buy this holster, use the right belt, and you'll be carrying all the time.

  • 5

    Posted by Reid on Apr 5th 2019

    Great holster, simple, perfect fit, excellent customer service, best selection of holsters and lights anywhere, all-around kydex goodness. Get one; you won’t be disappointed!

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    Posted by Daniel Redmon on Mar 16th 2019

    Bought this holster for a S&W m66 3 inch, one of the more rare modern Smith and Wesson and one I had found impossible to find a quality Kydex holster for, until now. This holster fits perfectly. Where the molding on most kydex holsters is kind of vague, this one, the mold is crisp. It rides tight to the body and after 3 straight days of wearing if for at east 14 hours a day, is comfortable all day. I've carried concealed and on the job from 1969 when I became a DC cop after Vietnam until this day. At 70, comfort is more important than anything else on my arthritic hips and at 36.3 ounces this m66 is no Tupperware light weight but this holster does make it comfortable for me to wear everyday.
    Now that said, a good product is only 1/2 of the equation when it comes to me recommending a product or not. Customer Service is the other 50% and
    I must say furycarrysolutions has excellent customer service. The first holster I received didn't fit my gun. Looked like it should. Lay the gun on the holster and it looked like it should be a perfect fit but it just would not fit. I called the number on their business card and was going to leave a msg since it was past business hours here in East TN but I got an answer (that spoke English wthout pressing 0ne) and after explaining my problem was told I'd get a label emailed to me the next business day, to send it back in the same box it came in and they'd make it right. Got a call from them when it came in and again when they found the problem. What impressed me is the personal responsibility each person I talked to took in resolving my problem asap. No passing the buck or being placed on hold while they found someone who might know someone who had heard of my problem someplace or another.
    In other words, I found their Customer Service was first rate. Combine that and the fit, finish and craftsmanship the holster and I now have a new go to holster company and recommend them without reservation.

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    Light Bearing Holster

    Posted by Philip Dedmon on Dec 25th 2018

    This is a great holster. The workmanship is top shelf. I wore it over 4 hrs. the day I received it. Even when not wearing t-shirt the under your outer shirt that is not tucked in holster is comfortable. Mine is for a Glock 19 with a Surefire X300. Also in my opinion with a pistol that is the size for the Glock 19 a 1.75 belt is the way to go.

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    Awesome holster!

    Posted by Adam Hanson on Dec 18th 2018

    Best quality kydex holster I've used to date! Recently got a Beretta M9A1 and was having a hard time finding a company who made a holster for the gun. Not only were they able to make my holster, they were able to offer it in one of my favorite colors (coyote tan) and make it in a left handed version.

    I will continue to use them as my primary kydex supplier.

    Thank you!
    Adam Hanson

  • 5
    Quality Holster

    Posted by John Mavity on Dec 13th 2018

    I bought this holster from my local dealer for my Sig P365. It fit the gun perfectly and offered all day carry comfort. I decided to get one for My Springfield XDS 45. My local dealer didn't have it so I ordered it direct from Fury's quick ship list. I had delivery in 3 days! It fit the XDS perfectly and offered the same comfort to wear. Keep up the excellent work! You are making a great product!

  • 5
    Great holster for P226

    Posted by Morgan Leake on Nov 20th 2018

    First: I ordered from the Quick Ship menu, and the holster arrived six days later, including the intervening weekend.

    Second: I had ordered a P226R holster, because it was available in Quick Ship, but in the order comments I asked about MK25 compatibility (I have one of those, too).

    A little while later, I received an email from Brad, at Fury, asking me if I would like the holster to be made for the MK25, and saying that while it was not in the pulldown menu, they could do it that way. He also asked about tall sight and threaded barrel options. Based on my responses, he set the holster up for both, and at no additional charge - and it still made it here in six days.

    This is not my first Fury holster. I have had them in the past for CZ P01 and HK USPc and P2000 series, so I already knew it would be comfortable, concealable, and secure. It is. No surprise.

    I have never met the staff at Fury, but as I do have personal ties to the Knoxville area, I am very happy that a company there has such good personnel and products.

    Highly recommended.