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Custom Kydex Mag Carrier Lead Time 2-3 Weeks

Gunfighter Pistol and Rifle Mag Carrier

  • Combines one Double Pistol Mag Carrier and two Universal Rifle Mag Carriers
  • Can be broken down and worn individually
  • Can be worn on a standard belt, molle belt, or both

The Gunfighter consists of one double pistol mag carrier and two AR/M4 Universal mag carriers. The pistol mag carrier is lowered to allow a full grip on the AR mags. The Universal Rifle Mag Carriers can be indexed rounds forward or backward. Ideal for competitions or classes where multiple reloads from your primary and secondary may be required. The Gunfighter is a low profile alternative to a battle belt. The Gunfighter comes with all the necessary hardware to be broken down and worn as separate mag carriers and can be ordered belt ready, Molle ready, or both.