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LVAK (Low Visibility Aid Kit) 

The  LVAK is a no nonsense IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) and truly one of the most versatile options for concealed every day carry by the private individual or armed professional. If you are carrying the means to cause trauma you should be carrying the means to mitigate it.

The  LVAK  is a low profile carrier designed to hold the essential medical interventions necessary for treating individual traumatic injuries according to current TCCC guidelines. It is capable of carrying a chest decompression needle, a windlass style tourniquet,   hemostatic gauze, compressed gauze, and chest seals. The cells of the LVAK were designed to fit a wide variety of interventions from multiple manufacturers so that it could easily be stocked with the end users desired interventions. The carrier itself doubles as a compression bandage once emptied meaning there is no unnecessary bulk unlike most low profile kits on the market. Everything you need, nothing you don't.

The LVAK offers multiple methods of carry giving the end user an IFAK that can be used across the full spectrum of possible operations.  It can be carried concealed on the ankle, or inside the waist band. It can also be used as a medical insert for various pouches, or mounted around a sun visor or headrest inside of a vehicle.

The body of the LVAK is made of an elastic loop material. It can be easily wrapped around the thigh while rendering aid keeping items off of the ground. It can also be used as an IFF arm band by attaching hook backed IFF identifiers to the body of the carrier and wrapping the LVAK around the upper arm, ideal for non uniform officers/personnel when responding during tactical situations.

The LVAK is offered in two configurations. The "LVAK Carrier Only" requires the end user to supply their own medical items. The "Preloaded LVAK" includes the carrier as well as the medical items listed below*. 

LVAK Carrier Only Includes:

LVAK Carrier

(6) self adhesive hook coins 

(1) 5"x1/2" hook/loop ribbon

Preloaded LVAK Includes:

LVAK Carrier

(6) Self Adhesive Hook Coins

(1) 5"x1/2" Hook/Loop Ribbon

(1) Tourniquet (select CAT or SOFTT-W)

(1) Combat Gauze

(1) H&H Compressed Gauze

(1) Set of Hyfin Vent Chest Seals


*Chest Decompression Needle and Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA) are not included and are pictured for loadout examples, only.

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