Fury Logo Decal

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Fury Logo Decal 

Vinyl decals for your holster, mag carrier, gun stock, safe, coffee mug, vehicle or wherever you need more Fury in your life. You can choose from three different styles or get them all in the combo pack and save!  

"Fury" measures approximately 2"L x 5/8"H

"Rhino" measures approximately 1"L x 1/2"H

"Fury and Rhino" measures approximately 4"L x 2"H

Combo Pack include one of each style of decal (3 total) in your chosen color



- Thoroughly clean surface area where decal will be applied

- Carefully remove transfer paper with decal from backing paper

- Place transfer paper with decal over desired application location

- Apply gratuitous pressure

- Carefully remove transfer paper while ensuring decal is remaining adhered to item

- Re-apply pressure to decal

- Revel in your awesomeness 


* Decals adhere best to smooth surfaces *