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Leisure Carry 11.5" Clip on Belt 'HD' (COB)

The 11.5" Clip on Belt 'HD' (COB for short) is made from a stiff piece of American made Biothane. Biothane is a nylon webbing coated with a dense polymer that feels more like leather when it's contacting you. The HD material will 'break-in' similar to a stiff leather, softening slightly over time and taking to the shape of how you prefer to carry. It can also be warmed up and laid out flat to get restored back to its original shape. The COB uses two American made Ulti-Clips on either side to grip on to your waistband and support your holstered weapon. This keeps your waistband from sagging/bouncing and provides the resistance needed to maintain the draw that you are familiar with. The 11.5" COB spreads the weight of your holstered weapon and is long enough to accommodate even the widest of double clip, side-car style, appendix rigs. It is designed specifically for carrying inside the waistband (IWB) or appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) with all your regular holsters and requires no modifications to your gear.

How to wear:

1. Tie your drawstrings SNUG

2. Place, the COB into the waistband, wherever you prefer to carry

3. Close the tabs on the Ulti-Clips of the COB

4. Mount your holster on to your COB with the holster clip either under or over your waistband

Your pants MUST have some form of drawstring for the COB to function properly. If you need a solution that works for pants without a drawstring, check out our Appendix Style or Holster Style Strapt-Tac.

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