Sentinel Holster Bundle

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Custom Kydex holster bundle lead time is 5-15 business days

Custom Sentinel Holster Bundle

Bundle and Save! Everything you need to Carry Confident. This bundle is great for concealed carry or a trip to the range. 

The Sentinel Holster Bundle includes:

  1. Sentinel Holster
  2. Your choice of Double Pistol Mag Carrier or two Minimalist Pistol Mag Carriers
  3. Your choice of Volund Gearworks G-Hook or Cobra Belt 


Volund Belts are measured in inches, unlike your pants size. To get an accurate actual measurement for the belt you will want to follow these steps:  

1. Confirm you are wearing pants; in particular use the pants you most commonly wear.

2. Tuck in anything carried In Waist Band (IWB), undershirts, girdles, etc. 

3. Measure around your waist, over you pants where your belt would ride. A tailor’s tape or even a string that you mark and measure after works fine. 

3.5. You can also measure a belt you already use, from the buckle end to the most worn spot or hole. Just make sure this is a belt you’ve used that your new Atlas Belt will perform the same function. A casual or dress belt you wear with slacks is generally not sufficient. 

4. This number is your actual waist measurement and you can use this number to choose your belt size.


Atlas Belts are cut to an overall length (OAL), which can fluctuate slightly during sewing and finishing.  The belts are designed to overlap to fit properly and the minimum overlap needed is around two to three inches. Listed below is the OAL of the belts and the general fit range in inches. 


SM 28”-34” OAL: 38” 

MD 32”-38” OAL: 42” 

LG 36”-42” OAL: 46” 

XL 40”-46” OAL 50”